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& Community

As the world is becoming increasingly more diverse, building a cohesive community rests on cultivating interaction/communication and mutual respect among people of different cultural backgrounds. NACP believes that each community carries unique perspectives, strengths and opportunities to be cherished, shared and celebrated.


NACP believes that interfaith and intercultural dialogue is a MUST to build a society where all individuals are treated with dignity and honor.

NACP supports activities that aim to foster mutual understanding and respect by bringing people of different religious, cultural, ideological backgrounds together.

& Youth

NACP supports and promotes educational, social, cultural and religious activities such as seminars, panels, mentorship programs and spiritual gatherings for all age groups with an aim to help participants become well-rounded individuals.

Humanitarian  Relief Efforts

NACP aims to create a lasting impact in the lives of individuals who become in need of assistance because of natural disasters, forced migration and global/local health crises.

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