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Culture & Community

As the world is becoming increasingly diverse, building a harmonious community rests on strong bonds among people of different cultural backgrounds.  

Mutual respect and healthy communication among people of different walks of life are the essentials of forming social bonds. 

It is a widely observed phenomenon that communities are being threatened by poverty, hunger, xenophobia, intolerance, discrimination and much more. Each problem becomes more evasive day by day. Providing solutions to these ever-spreading problems are beyond the capacity of one person, one group, or one community. Sustaining long-lasting solutions requires the collective effort of communities to work, help, and support one another in addressing these issues.

Each community can bring unique perspectives, strengths, and wisdom to the table. Each community is unique and special and the differences that make them distinct should be cherished, shared, and celebrated. 

As an integral part of its mission, NACP collaborates with various groups to promote our communities' traditions and vibrant mosaic cultures.

NACP treasures this precious social heritage and aims to convey it to the future generations through events and other intercultural exchange opportunities.

To this end, NACP organizes panel discussions, seminars, conferences, book signings, interfaith gatherings, festivals, and various social responsibility projects.

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