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Humanitarian Relief Efforts

NACP member organizations initiate projects that aim to create a lasting impact in the lives of individuals who are affected by natural disasters, conflicts, forced migration, global/local health crises as well as racial, social, and gender discrimination.

Main areas of focus include

  • Local and global humanitarian relief efforts for immediate help for the people affected by conflicts or disasters with the cooperation of local partners.

  • Legal, financial and social support for refugees to help them adapt and integrate into their new lives. 

  • Help financially challenged people and communities through food pantries and other relief organizations.

  • Create opportunities for convicted people and their families through various educational programs.


All member organizations strive to organize humanitarian relief and social responsibility projects in their respective regions. Embrace Relief is the leading institution in humanitarian and relief efforts organized and sponsored by the NACP members. Embrace Relief * is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit international humanitarian aid and development organization headquartered in New Jersey, USA. Key initiatives encompass education, healthcare, women’s empowerment, refugee relief, childcare, hunger relief, clean water, and disaster relief.


Embrace Relief currently supports two medical facilities and a fully equipped mobile health clinic in Bamako, Mali. 27,440 health check-ups have been conducted and enabled 2,384 people to regain their eyesight after receiving cataract surgeries.



Embrace Relief launched the Accessible Computer Technology for Underserved Students (ACT-US) program, an initiative implemented in Uganda and Tanzania in 2019. Through this program, 324 computers equipped with Endless OS technology will be distributed to K-12 schools. Additionally, throughout the year, Embrace Relief donated more than 33,000 books to libraries and schools in Tanzania and Romania.



Women’s economic and educational empowerment is essential for our collective future. Embrace Relief has provided vocational training to women in Kenya and Haiti where they learned to make jewellery, sew, and took personal finance classes, enabling them to start their own businesses. Embrace Relief believes in the transformative power of educating women and prioritizes this effort through our Reach Inspire Support Educate (RISE) program. RISE is an educational program that assists women in Tanzania who are seeking higher opportunities for themselves. Women are able to receive assistance through two categories of RISE: The Educational Leadership and Management Program and the Young Women’s Higher Education Program. The goal is to encourage the pursuit of education and give women the opportunity to influence positive changes in their societies.



Embrace Relief has distributed over 1.5 million pounds of food in over 40 countries in 2019. Through our hunger relief initiatives, we have fed over 935,000 families and delivered food packages to orphanages, food pantries, and food banks throughout the world.




With our English Language Program, 152 refugees are currently receiving weekly online English classes. This program offers group classes and one-on-one lessons to refugees who are systematically paired with an English-speaking volunteer that teaches them English.



Embrace Relief has constructed 315 water wells - all of which are still running with clean water - serving over 315,000 people every day in Nigeria, Niger, Cameroon, Kenya, Chad, Haiti, Uganda, Burkina Faso, and Senegal. 



Embrace Relief has provided disaster relief to over 369,000 people around the world who have been affected by these emergencies ranging from the California and Texas wildfires to the earthquake and tsunami in Indonesia, and everywhere in between. 

* Embrace Relief data is based on the 2019 Annual Report. For more up to date numbers, please visit

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