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Education & Youth

Education is the most effective tool for empowering individuals, building cultural awareness, and positively impacting society for generations to come.

NACP member organizations work on various initiatives to instill shared universal human values, ideals, and principles with a deep commitment to social responsibility through education. 

Our programs are designed to foster a life-­long passion for learning, a strong sense of moral responsibility, and a deep commitment to diversity. We promote well-rounded education strategies to equip individuals with the tools to use their knowledge for the common good.

NACP member organizations have initiated a wide range of educational programs from K-12 Independent schools to weekend schools for children and adults. Many professional improvement programs help community members to become more self-motivated individuals. Through spiritual seminars and courses, NACP aims for community members to become more inclusive and accepting of a more diverse society.

ATOMA Kenya trip.png
ATOMA youth organization’s educational trip to Kenya
Ramadan TV.png
SKY Academy's Youth TV is prepared and broadcasted by the youth.
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