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Interfaith & Intercultural Dialogue

Interfaith and intercultural dialogue is an absolute necessity to building a society where all individuals are treated with dignity and honour. Peaceful coexistence is the ultimate ideal that unites all of humanity. 

In an increasingly globalized society, it is important to shift the discourse away from the issues that divide, and instead focus on the shared goal of peace and combating the prejudices that breed fear and violence.

North American Civic Platform supports activities that aim to foster mutual understanding and respect by bringing people of different religious, cultural, ideological backgrounds together. The NACP members work to foster environments of mutual respect and social harmony in their respective communities. This goal is achieved through organizing educational events focusing on different faiths and cultures and creating opportunities for dialogue and collaboration among people from diverse backgrounds. 

Hate, bigotry, prejudice and all other ills that plague a society grow exponentially. NACP aims to raise awareness on these issues in order to better understand the challenges we face in societies today and work towards eliminating these ills that impact everyone.  

It is our hope that in focusing on the values that we share, rather than on our disagreements, we can help foster a deeper understanding among people and a more harmonious society.

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