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Hizmet Movement participants have started their first initiatives in North America during the 1990s. Institutional activities have focused on culture, education, interfaith and intercultural dialogue, and humanitarian relief while some spiritual and cultural activities have been organized as unincorporated associations.


Platforms have been formed in locations where there is more than one organization to facilitate sharing experiences and best practices, to ease collaboration, and to discuss issues that concern Hizmet participants locally or generally. 


Click here >>> to learn more about how organizations and platforms cooperate with each other and practice transparent governance.


Regional Platforms that are listed below have formed the North America Civic Platform (NACP) by signing an MOU. More information on each regional platform and their missions, visions, and participating organizations can be found on their respective websites.  

West America Civic Platform.jpeg
Midwest CSC.png
ncp logo.png

Regional Platforms

Southwest Civic Platform.png
Mid Atlantic P Logo.png

member organizations


Alliance for 

Shared Values

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Embrace Relief



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