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Organization Whistleblower Protection Policy

(Reference: National Council of Nonprofits)


Our organization expects its board members, employees, and volunteers to act with integrity and honesty while fulfilling their duties in the organization, and to comply with the law and the ethical rules of our organization. 


Reporting Responsibility:


It is the responsibility of all organization (board) members and employees to report concerns about (possible/actual) violations of the laws, regulations, and ethics codes to which our organization is subject. 


Employees, members, or volunteers who witness a violation of a law, regulation or our organization's code of ethics should report it in writing to the organization's director or one of the organization's board chair or members, depending on the nature of the violation, and the organization's grievance policy will be followed. 


Principle of Avoiding Sanctions/Reprisals


It is against the values of our organization to impose any sanction on any member, employee or volunteer of the organization who reports violations of laws, regulations, and ethical rules in accordance with the above procedure. If it is determined that a sanction, retaliation, or any ill-treatment is imposed on a member or employee or volunteer who has reported a violation, the institution or platform complaint review directive will be acted according to the position of the person alleged to have done so. 


If it is determined by the review committee that the complaint/reporting is made in bad faith, this is considered a violation of the code of ethics and action is taken according to the institution or platform grievance review directive, depending on the position of the person who made the complaint/reporting in bad faith.


If it is determined that the complaint/reporting is not made in bad faith but based on misinformation or misperception, the relevant interlocutors are informed about this issue.

- This policy document was adopted by the NACP at its regular meeting on October 7, 2023.

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