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Platform Grievance Policy

1. Introduction


Our platform expects its chairperson, members, and volunteers to act with integrity and honesty and to comply with moral norms and laws while fulfilling their duties on the platform. 

2. Purpose

This document is intended to encourage members to raise any suspected or witnessed violations of law/regulations in the platform's area of operation so that the platform can investigate and correct inappropriate behavior and actions. It is the responsibility of all platform members and volunteers to report concerns about violations of the platform's code of ethics or violations of laws or regulations governing platform activities. 

Violations outside the platform's scope of activity are not included in this framework. In such violations, those who are legally obliged to report are reported to the authorities. In cases where there is no reporting obligation, complainants are encouraged to take the matter to legal grounds.

3. Audit Ombudsman Committee Chairman

The Chair of the NACP Audit and Ombudsman Committee will be referred to below as the CAOC.

The CAOC oversees that reports of violations of the law or code of ethics are duly investigated and brought to a conclusion (or not, depending on whether or not there is a case), and shares this with members and volunteers at the annual/seasonal/monthly meeting.

If the CAOC itself is complained about, another responsible person is temporarily appointed in its place.

4. Reporting Procedure

Members or volunteers who witness a violation of a law, ethical rule or platform policy by platform members or committee members on issues within the scope of the platform's field of activity or by platform members or committee members shall submit it in writing to the platform chair, committee chairs or any of the platform members or by using one of the platform's communication channels with their real identity and contact information. Complaints without real identity and contact information are not sufficient to initiate the investigation process. The member to whom the report is made shall also notify the CAOC in writing. Violations of platform policies are especially recommended to be reported to the SEAT committee.


5. Complaint Review Committee Establishment Procedure

The complaint/report received by the Platform is first evaluated by the Audit and Ombudsman Committee (AOC). If AOC deems necessary, a complaint review committee is established. The complaint review committee is selected by the platform from among the platform members who are not involved in the complained about issue or from among competent and reliable people from outside the platform. It consists of a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 9 people. The committee can receive consultancy services from experts when it feels the need. The CAOC is a natural member of this committee and can chair the committee when available. If he/she is not available, the chairperson is elected from within the committee.

6. Privacy/Privacy

Violations or suspected violations may be submitted confidentially (also in writing) by the complainant. Reports of violations or suspected violations are kept confidential to the extent possible within the framework of the requirements of conducting an adequate investigation.

7. Complaint Review and Communication Process

Step 1: This process begins when a complaint reaches any of the platform members in writing or reaches the platform through the electronic communication mechanisms established by the platform. Complaints must be made within [30] calendar days from the date of becoming aware of the situation subject to the complaint. If a complaint is not filed within [30] days after becoming aware of the incident, the right to file a complaint is waived. However, the AOC may consider complaints beyond this period if deemed necessary. If the complaint is not submitted directly to the CAOC, the member who receives it shall forward it to the CAOC. Within two days after the AOC receives the complaint, the AOC will send a written acknowledgment of receipt of the complaint on behalf of the AOC to the complainant. 


Step 2: The AOC may (1) decide to answer the complaint directly, (2) forward the complaint to the regional audit committee for consideration by that committee, or (3) decide to hear the complainant. If the complaint cannot be resolved by a direct response or is not referred, step 3 is taken. If the complaint is a matter that must be reported to the competent authorities (legal obligation), AOC forwards it to the competent authorities.


Step 3: A grievance review committee is established as described in Article 5 above. The review committee or persons to be selected by them shall meet with the complainant within 15 working days of receiving the complaint. 


Step 4: The review committee or a sub-committee designated by the committee will discuss the outcome of the meeting with the complainant. If it deems it possible to resolve the matter without further investigation, it takes one of the measures listed in the Measures article. If necessary, it initiates an investigation (Step 5). 


Step 5: The review committee tries to conclude the investigation within 15 working days. Within 15 working days of the meeting with the complainant, a written response is provided to the complainant on behalf of the AOC. If the investigation has not been concluded or the complaint has not been resolved at that time, the complainant will be informed that the investigation process is ongoing, and a written status report will be sent to the complainant every 7 days thereafter.


8. Measures


If a complaint is found to be true, any one or more of the following measures may be adopted depending on the nature of the incident:

  1. Written and verbal warnings and advice.

  2. The persons concerned may be asked to receive training in accordance with the nature of the violation.

  3. The persons concerned may be asked to receive psychological counseling, other specialized counseling, or therapy.

  4. The platform membership of the persons concerned may be temporarily suspended.

  5. The persons concerned may be removed from the platform membership.

  6. The Platform may issue a statement on this issue and inform its members.

  7. If there is a risk of recurrence of the situation subject to the complaint, the platform may take measures to prevent this, such as establishing other monitoring mechanisms or organizing training programs.


The implementation process of these measures is determined more concretely by the AOC.


9. Appeal


If the complainant is not satisfied with the response or measures taken by the review committee, he/she submits his/her request for appeal to the CAOC, the CAOC provides the necessary information to the platform, the platform establishes a commission to evaluate the work of the complaint review committee, again according to the procedure in Article 5. The decision of this committee on this complaint is final.




1. National Council of Nonprofits publications.



- This policy document was adopted by the NACP at its regular meeting on October 7-8, 2023.

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